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Bonkers Blog April 2017

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21 April (Part 1) - Oh no, not another one!

Teresa PearceFrom a BiB point of view I am not particularly looking forward to the General Election. Making up a library of election leaflets is a bit of a chore and it is tempting to ignore the election altogether, but I doubt that will be possible.

The three sitting MPs will be standing again (what a delightful contradiction) but if any opposition candidates have been chosen they must be keeping things very quiet.

One might guess that the irrepressible Anna Firth will be back in Thamesmead & Erith but that is far from certain.

She ran a high profile ‘Get out of the European Union’ campaign last June but it got her into big trouble with the Conservative Party bigwigs, Undemocratic revengeful idiots that they are they took her name off the list of approved General Election candidates, but then Cameron and his cronies lost the Referendum and either walked away or were sacked by Mrs. May. Will Anna be readmitted to the fold? No one seems to know.

Will Councillor Stefano Borella stand again in Bexleyheath & Crayford? Will Councillor Danny Hackett throw his hat into the Old Bexley & Sidcup ring or was the Bexley Times journalist winding us up? (Click image below for Bexley Times report.)

Bexley TimesAs someone politically inclined to the right I find myself once again with nowhere to go. I have learned the hard way that Conservatives, locally at least, are more than happy to lie and perjure themselves and my little experience of their MPs is that they are useless.

When Bexley Council committed a crime against Mr. Elwyn Bryant, his MP James Brokensire admitted that he was severely shocked by the evidence put before him but he told Elwyn it would be “inappropriate” to offer any practical help.

When blogger John Kerlen of Crayford (at the time) was prosecuted on the basis of a false statement by a Bexley Councillor, his MP David Evennett did not lift a finger to see justice prevail - fortunately an Appeal Judge did.

However whenever Bexley Council has committed a crime against me, Teresa Pearce has offered immediate assistance. More than once within minutes of the news becoming known.

She has been by my side four times when I have had to meet the police, twice with Bexley officers and twice more with officers from Scotland Yard.

When Councillor Don Massey leaned on the police this time last year and I was on the receiving end of an unwelcome late night visit by police eager to do Bexley Council’s bidding Teresa Pearce immediately agreed to accompany me to the police station. The police backed down so the interview never took place but the offer was there and maybe it helped the police to see the error of their ways.

Maybe I need two votes.


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