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Bonkers Blog April 2017

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20 April (Part 2) - Selling Bexley down by the river

After years of turning its back on the outside world, turning down offers of improved road links and failing to lobby for Crossrail at the right time, Bexley Council saw the folly of their old policy in the shape of a looming financial disaster. Credit where it is due they are not holding back now.

31,500 new houses, production centres and facilities for modern clean industries. The mind boggles at the transformation.

Today the Council launched its sales drive, a bus ride around the borough for investors.

The video produced for the event is quite nice. Take a look.

Press Release.

Note: At the time this blog was posted, Bexley Council’s YouTube video had had 20 views in its 24 hours existence. Within half an hour the number had climbed to 40 and in four hours to 70. Is BiB due a referral fee?


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