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Bonkers Blog April 2017

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16 April (Part 2) - Two tribes go to war - on one!

It’s only two or three months since Councillor Lynn Smith (UKIP, Blackfen & Lamorbey) asked me if I had considered becoming a Councillor. “Yes, for all of two milliseconds.” I definitely don’t have the required mindset and I don’t think it is an easy job to do properly.

Maybe Lynn hasn’t the right mindset either. I suspect she didn’t expect to win Blackfen in 2014 based on what she said to Mick Barnbrook who was standing there as an Independent at the same time.

Not having the right mindset to be a Councillor should be considered a compliment given the nature of politics in Bexley.

Yesterday Lynn Smith Tweeted two very simple questions about the Growth Strategy.
She went on to say she thought each proposed development should be considered on its merits and UKIP did not believe in “blind tribalism”. Isn’t she absolutely right? Councillor Read’s ambition to open up six miles of riverfront appears to be laudable enough but I would think it must be done sensitively.

Lynn’s innocent remarks landed her in hot water with the other two parties. Councillor Daniel Francis led for Labour, John Davey for the Conservatives.

Tweet3UKIP Councillor Colin McGannon had been very supportive of the Growth Strategy, forecasting the occasional difficulty but promising support wherever possible. I am not aware that any of his colleagues have ever contradicted him as Councillor Francis stated in his Tweet. Certainly not Lynn Smith who merely posed a question.

Tweet4Councillor Lynn Smith responded in the same way I would have done. She follows her conscience, not the party whip.

Councillor Francis continued with his theme threatening to tell constituents that UKIP will actively both oppose and support the Growth Strategy. Where the hell did that come from?

It might help the Labour cause and I can see that their rejection of tribalism must make writing UKIP manifestos difficult, but I prefer the honourable approach not something worthy of a Bexley Conservative website. The tribalism and group speak is not for me and confirms that my “two millisecond” response to Lynn was the right one.

I was beginning to think that Councillor Francis had made an uncharacteristic bad call and things were becoming a bit silly, but then, fortunately for him, Councillor John Davey threw in his twopennyworth.

If you want inane silliness no one does things better than a Crayford Tory.



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