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Bonkers Blog April 2017

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15 April (Part 1) - Has Bexley Council made the right parking choice?

RingGo RingGoYou cannot have missed the notices that went up alongside every one of Bexley’s parking ticket machines a month ago. They implore motorists to forget Bemrose Booth, the pay by phone contractor Bexley Council has used without any reported problems (other than pay by phone being impossible for many people) for the past five and a bit years, cancel any registrations you may have with them and start all over again with with RingGo who one might reasonably assume is a cheaper outfit.

Perhaps it’s a case of pay peanuts get monkeys because not even two weeks into the contract there has been a serious data breach.

Both the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph are reporting RingGo problems today and not for the first time.

Some users have been logging into their RingGo accounts and they can see what cars other drivers are using and their credit card numbers.

Fortunately I have never yet paid to pay to park in Bexley, nor will I ever do so.

Some locations in Bexley no longer allow parking to those who have no mobile phone or, like me, haven’t a clue what an App is.


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