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Bonkers Blog April 2017

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12 April (Part 2) - Another stealth tax for Bexley

Charges upA message arrived a few days ago - I seem to have mislaid it - that said a lady went shopping in Bexleyheath but was unable to do so because one of the car parks no longer takes cash. Once again Bluewater was the beneficiary.

If I remember correctly the report said that the car park was almost empty.

I checked the cash and phone ticket machine in Abbey Road, Belvedere and it was still charging an extortionate £5.70 for two hours - No Change Given.

However today I noticed a man putting up a new notice alongside the ticket machine in the Gayton Road car park so I took a closer look.

It says the cash price is going up to £6 from next November.

We have already seen the phone fee go up by 20 pence this month due to a so called administration fee. Presumably, come next November, Bexley Council will start claiming a ten pence discount for paying by phone.

Remember when Bexley planned a very cheap fee to help shoppers who simply wanted to grab a newspaper or the like? The cheapest fee anywhere in the borough will now be 70 pence for half an hour. Is Councillor Craske still claiming that Bexley has the cheapest parking in South East London?

New schedule of charges.


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