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Bonkers Blog April 2017

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4 April - Bexley Conservative Councillors are lying - and proud to do so!

If you have been reading BiB for a little while you will probably have worked out that this is far from being a left leaning blog. For most of my life I have been a staunch Conservative and very often I find myself in agreement with what Bexley Council is doing in difficult circumstances but I don’t much like their methods and I absolutely hate their constant dishonesty.

It was dishonesty that brought this website about in the first place, I naively thought it might be a one off, but it is the norm. Some of Bexley’s Conservatives are totally incapable of understanding what the truth is. As you know, I can reel off a whole catalogue of their constant dishonesty so perhaps I should be used to it by now, but every so often I find myself incensed by the audacity of the deceit. None more so than when Bexley Conservatives attempt to fool the electorate because being in charge confers a personal advantage on themselves and that must always come before the truth.

The latest example is of course their claim that Labour Councillors were against the reduction in the number of Councillors which takes effect from May next year. It’s about as far from the truth as it is possible to get. Not only did Labour raise the issue before the Conservatives but they were looking for a more severe cut.

O'NeillBexley Conservative’s latest blog post gives entirely the wrong impression - deliberately of course - and with the three year old webcast conveniently deleted they probably feel safe from contradiction.

Fortunately I still have my own recording and I have listened to it carefully twice over the last few days. So that the truth will stick around for longer than a day or two my analysis of what took place has today become the new Bonkers Home page.

On it you can hear Council Leader Teresa O’Neill proclaim that reducing the number of Councillors is “not a party political thing”. The only thing separating all three parties was the process by which the goal should be achieved.

Almost certainly the most sensible way forward was the Conservative way but that is not good enough for the liars who run Bexley Council. They have decided to tell a very different story overall. One that does Labour Councillors the maximum damage. One aimed at convincing the electorate that Labour did not want to cut expenditure. One that helps to spread a lie.

If Teresa O’Neill had a shred of decency she would make sure their latest blog is corrected immediately. The Council’s obscene blog was taken down within an hour or two of the Leader becoming aware of it so why not their latest obscenity?

Unfortunately history suggests Teresa O’Neill is more than happy to perpetuate political obscenities. It’s no good looking in her direction for decency.

Note: On a personal note I cannot see more than a spare hour or two at most between now and next Tuesday, the wallpapering will remain half done and it is more than likely that BiB will be silent for a week. Don’t all cheer at once!


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