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Bonkers Blog September 2016

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29 September - Sooner or later…

It would seem it has happened again. This message arrived late last night…

Magic RoundaboutThere was an accident at the Magic Roundabout (junction of Broadway and Albion Road Bexleyheath) this evening. Hardly a surprise, inevitable really. No details known but on leaving Christ Church car park at about 8 p.m. a right turn towards Welling was not possible due to the police having taped off completely across Broadway down towards the Magic Roundabout and many flashing blue lights.

Had to turn left and find an alternative way home. You may hear more details from another source but will probably vindicate what everybody with any semblance of common sense have said that the shared space concept is a nonsense and the sooner the junction is converted to a conventional roundabout the safer everyone will be. But of course Bexley Council Highways Dept. do not have any common sense so more accidents and some deaths will probably be necessary before changes are made.

Anyone got any pictures?

P.S. A report appeared on the News Shopper’s website only a few minutes after the above blog was posted. A police car was involved in the collision.


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