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Bonkers Blog September 2016

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26 September - Hypocrites all

As you might imagine, I derive a certain amount of amusement from reading about what Bexley Cabinet members do or say publicly. It is so very often hypocritical.

O'NeillIt’s schoolboy humour no doubt to giggle at the thought of Council Leader Teresa O’Neill chairing the Health and Wellbeing Board. It’s much the same when Cabinet Member Peter Craske comments on the prosecution of fly tippers and those who allow their dogs to drop mess across the borough. It’s hard not to conjure up images of the red faced Peter sitting in a police cell or his contribution to the borough’s mess problem by slashing the street cleaning budget

ProsecutionBut for hypocrisy Cabinet Member Don Massey takes some beating. A few says ago he made his mark on the Council’s website by gloating over the prosecution of a Mrs. Sims who “blatantly gave us false facts”. She lied to dishonestly obtain housing assistance.

Bexley Council lies all the time. Don Massey isn’t even the most truthful when it comes to his own housing situation or his residential status as a Bexley Councillor.

On his Register of Interests Don Massey still claims to be a Director of Supreme Home Care but Companies House says his outfit was dissolved in May.

He withholds his residential address using, or more likely abusing, the law which allows it to remain secret if he is being pursued by terrorists and the like.

Interest Dissolved
He thinks the terrorist is me. I reproduced a photograph taken at a noisy party at an address in Sidcup, the original was freely available on Facebook, and he was so annoyed about it that he reported me to the police.

He is still up to the same tricks. He reported a Labour Councillor to the Code of Conduct Committee for, according to an anonymous informant, being in possession of a photograph of his daughter. The complaint was thrown out and I am not surprised. If the photo is the one that found its way into my Inbox it is a posed photograph, not a sneaky one taken without permission with a long lens.

The Massey’s must think they are superior to everyone else.


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