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Bonkers Blog September 2016

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25 September - Here we go round the Mulberry Bush

Lesnes LesnesBonkers has quite often given a Lesnes Abbey update on a Sunday but I was going to give it a miss today. Some of the weeds have gone from around the Mulberry tree but apart from that there has been little obvious progress since the park was last mentioned on 7th September when Tom Smith gave an excellent presentation to the Belvedere Forum. He thought the Visitor Centre would open next month.

The Abbey is back in the news today because a reader tipped me off about the Lesnes Abbey Woods ‘stakeholder’ meeting. There is a brief report on the Park Run website where it is reported that the centre is unlikely to be open for the school half term. Half term begins on 31st October.

That will mean the Visitor Centre will be between a year and 18 months late depending on which original guestimate you believe.

Parking is going to be a problem once Crossrail services begin. Bexley Council plans to make the Abbey Wood Controlled Parking Zone four times bigger which will mean that all the park entrances will be compromised. As there are no houses facing the park on Abbey Road, or for that matter on the upper part of New Road, it seems to me that continuing with the present four hour parking limit would meet the needs of park visitors and deter commuters.

Apart from Councillor John Davey, no Conservative is sympathetic to the parking problem around Lesnes Abbey or in Abbey Wood generally. Bexley’s motto must be ‘If it stops, tax it or fine it’.


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