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Bonkers Blog September 2016

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24 September (Part 1) - Here you can’t but there you can

Parking Parking ParkingIt may be coincidence but this morning and every day since I was blocked in on Wednesday I have seen a Civil Enforcement Officer down my road on a scooter.

He struck lucky once when a BMW was parked right on a corner, dangerous in itself, and overhanging a neighbour’s drive making access difficult rather than impossible.

I looked up on Bexley’s website how I should have reported Wednesday's incident. Apparently I should have come back indoors, fired up the computer and filled in a multi-page web form. Really helpful.

Whilst the CEOs may be taking a tough line on parking across dropped kerbs, not far away the practice is encouraged. The offending parking bay (Photo 3) was repainted only a month or so ago.


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