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Bonkers Blog September 2016

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20 September - The Bexley Buffoon has been struck dumb. Maybe she always was

I am under instructions to spend today blowing out candles so this is just a quickie.

BuffoonMy enquiry to the Bexley Buffoon asking how her action to remove the Press Table from public meetings can be justified under Government guidance that says common sense must be applied is still unanswered. This is good, it will save me the rigmarole of a complaint and an appeal. I can go straight to the Local Government Ombudsman. Much easier.

The odd thing is that the FOI King Michael Barnbrook, I think Bexley Council call him something similar, received a response last week. Read it here.

It wasn't complete, the note from Teresa O'Neill to the Chief Executive, giving her instructions was missing but the letter to Councillors and Committee Officers was included. It does however confirm that the action was intended to hit only me. My name is redacted. Revengeful fatty strikes again!

Picking apart its obvious flaws is going to have to wait for another day unfortunately.


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