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Bonkers Blog September 2016

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13 September (Part 1) - Is it still the silly season?

Bib readers can spot a Council cockup from a mile away and several brought the new Mill Road sign to my attention yesterday, one was even called Teresa. As another pointed out to me there is no Mill Lane south of the river, you have to go at least as far as Wood Green. Oh, sorry, you can’t get across the river in any sensible timescale can you? That will be the other Teresa.

I am very fortunate in that I don’t have to go all the way to Northumberland Heath to see a silly sign. I pass one several times a day a minute’s walk from home. The double R version has been standing opposite Lesnes Abbey for 30 years, its lesser brethren has been there for a long time too, the original, if memory serves correctly, demolished in a minor traffic collision.

My personal favourite naming cockup was at Crook Log. Most of us know where the Crook Lodge is. It is on the corner of Watling Street and Erith Road.
Mill Road Carrill Way Carill Way Crook Lodge


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