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Bonkers Blog September 2016

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5 September (Part 2) - If you see YD65 OKO, steer well clear. Foul mouthed lunatic at the wheel

Picnic PicnicI am old enough to remember times when one might go for a drive as recreation. I have a picture somewhere (added 9th September) of a family picnic on the grass verge of the A4 next to Silbury Hill in Wiltshire with the road stretching into the distance. There is not a car to be seen apart from my father’s parked by the kerb.

An open road with petrol at 4/11d a gallon (five pence a litre), those were the days. Today’s are best avoided and if you can’t avoid them best take things calmly and don’t try to be in too much of a hurry.

Tempting fate but in 54 years of driving I’ve not managed to hit anything yet, nor get done for speeding or parking but idiots are all around. At the end of Abbey Road last Thursday I got stuck behind someone waiting to turn right into Wilton Road. It gets jammed up with cars waiting for late running trains and there is not a lot one can do about it. I, or maybe it was the fellow waiting to turn right, got a long blast on the horn from an idiot in a Smart car behind me. When we started moving again it roared past me and across the Knee Hill roundabout with no consideration for those already on the roundabout.

Something similar happened again today.

A Mercedes YD65 OKO was stuck behind someone stopped to let another driver emerge from Abbey Wood Road opposite as any considerate driver might do. Within seconds he got a long blast on the horn even though it was obvious to all why he had stopped.

Possibly it was an unwise thing to do but the driver got out to ask what the Mercedes driver thought she was doing. It was a polite enough question delivered in moderate tones.

His reward was a torrent of four lettered abuse from the female driver of the car behind. Even as the driver in the red T shirt returned to his car the foul mouthed female tried to squeeze by as you can see from the angle of her wheels in Photo 4.

What I would like to know is how a woman as foul mouthed as the driver of YD65 OKO can hold down a job that pays enough to buy a car like that. I know nothing about cars but it looks expensive to me.

Well I suppose there are a couple of jobs someone might do that pays enough and demands very little intellect in return. Apart from being the Chief Executive of Bexley Council that is.
Road rage Road rage Road rage Road rage
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Note: Old photos. A picnic by the side of the A4 road long before the Motorway was built. The photographer (me) could stand in the middle of the road to take his picture, then climb Silbury Hill to look down on an almost empty road.


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