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Bonkers Blog September 2016

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Old Farm

1 September - Have we not seen enough chaos on the trains already this week?

I am lucky enough not to have to use Southeastern trains on a regular basis, just one return journey this week, but even I know that the service has been a total disaster.

As well as Cannon Street being closed since last Friday there have been signal failures near Charing Cross and Gravesend, breakdowns at Blackheath and this morning London Bridge was apparently completely shut. My train which should have gone to Charing Cross was diverted to Victoria, it might have been more interesting to be on one of those diverted to Blackfriars. I don’t think I have ever done that route directly from Abbey Wood.

Crossrail Crossrail CrossrailIf you think that some sort of order will be restored for the weekend, then I am not so sure.

At Abbey Wood the new Crossrail announcement panel (Photo 1) is saying there will be trains on Saturday but not on Sunday. The Southeastern notice at the same station (Photo 2) says there will be no service on Saturday but trains will return on Sunday and if you go to Southeastern's website (Image 3) it will tell you there are no trains on either day.

Rather annoying. I made my plans for the weekend several weeks ago based on the Crossrail announcement. Click the images to view them at a readable size.

All data is still as shown this afternoon.

P.S. Crossrail have said (post blog) they got it wrong so it looks like SE’s station notice is right and their website is another mistake. What a way to run a railway!

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