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Bonkers Blog October 2016

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25 October (Part 3) - It’s a cross party love fest. Everyone likes Peabody

PlanPeabody Housing Association’s detailed plan for the Tavy Bridge area of Thamesmead, henceforth to be known as Southmere Village, was approved unanimously by Bexley Council’s Planning Committee tonight. There was barely a word of dissent, some concerns about wind tunnelling, parking and traffic congestion but never the slightest suggestion that any Councillor felt strongly enough about anything to object. And from what could be seen of the plans, deservedly so.

There are still some formalities to be gone through such as reference to the GLA but construction could start as early as February 2017.

Also passed unanimously were outline plans for the Coralline Walk area with a pencilled in start date of July 2018. Sedgemere, the area near Abbey Wood station in which the BP station stands (January 2020) and to the north of Southmere (centred on the old Binsey Walk) construction is expected to start in March 2021.

Some more serious concerns came to light, the displacement of residents through Compulsory Purchase Orders, the loss of the petrol station and the unexpected loss of the Felixstowe Road car park currently commandeered by Network Rail.

However nothing approved in outline is set in stone - or brick which appears to be Peabody’s preferred construction material.

Some of the road design errors of the recent past are recognised but further traffic congestion in Harrow Manor Way, especially in the morning peak, is seen as inevitable.

More on this another time - probably.

Peabody’s announcement.


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