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Bonkers Blog October 2016

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25 October (Part 2) - Two questions are better than one

Only a couple of days ago Bexley Council told Elwyn Bryant that they could not tell him how much they had spent on countering the Judicial Review of the Chief Executive’s refusal to confirm that she would ensure compliance with the law. It might prejudice the outcome. I understand they told the Court that the case was challenging the manner in which they reached their decision in the Maxine Fothergill charade. It was not, but when did the truth ever concern Bexley Council?
Council statementThey will need to find a barrister and judge who will skim through the Council’s case without reading John Watson’s - probably easier than you might think.

However the point of returning to this subject so quickly is that I have discovered that Mr. Bryant is more cunning than I gave him credit for. He put his question to two different Council officers and one has given him an answer.

Bexley Council has so far spent £3,690.90 on legal services, about two thousand of which is subject to VAT. The odd ninety pence was levied by Bexley Council.


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