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Bonkers Blog October 2016

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24 October (Part 2) - Bexley. Where Council promises are worth nothing

It’s not only the usual complainants who Bexley Council treats with contempt, it is practically everyone, the only real difference is that the usual suspects do not give up and will report Bexley Council to the police, the Information Commissioner and the Ombudsman whenever they can.

However they are not quite alone, the organisations and charities that aim to protect wildlife are usually quick to make a fuss when the natural habitat is under attack.

They fought, unsuccessfully, to protect the Crossness Nature Reserve when Cory Environmental wanted to build on its doorstep and they objected to six storey buildings on the Crayford Rough. Whatever happened to that?

They scored a little more success when they pushed for the inclusion of a Biodiversity Management Plan when permission was granted to build in Erith Quarry. It was all there in black and white, but what does that count for in Bexley?


Eighteen months on with the site clearance well under way, Bexley Wildlife is still waiting for an indication that Bexley Council has not reneged on its promise.
Click image to see all of Bexley Wildlife’s statement.


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