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Bonkers Blog October 2016

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23 October - The Tossers can’t get anything right

At the Places Scrutiny meeting, Cabinet Member Peter Craske announced his Don’t be a Tosser campaign. Staff were to be trained up from the following Monday and the cashing in would start on the 24th.

His Press Release said the same thing, albeit somewhat clumsily. The “scheme starts today” which was the 17th but “patrolling the borough” will commence on the 24th. You would have to have been one of the four people who watched the webcast to know about the week’s training session.
Press Release
The notice on Bexley Council’s website is dated 17th October and again says the scheme will start on Monday 24th.
TweetA Council Tweet drew attention to the Press Release on the 17th - fair enough, but not so fair is that Bexley Council started issuing fines in the week before they said they would. (See below.)

Why can’t they stick to their own rules? Why do they always try to trick residents out of their money? I asked but they were unable to give an answer.

Few will object to litter fines if they are applied fairly and with common sense although that is perhaps a little too much to expect in Bexley, but Bexley Council can’t stop falling over itself in its rush to extract as much cash from you as it possibly can.
Tweet Tweet
Tweet Tweet
So that looks like 150 people have grounds to appeal their fine. It was issued too early.


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