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Bonkers Blog October 2016

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15 October - Saturday Miscellany

Abbey Wood regeneration
Abbey WoodI returned to Sainsbury’s today to see what more I could discover about the regeneration of Wilton Road which is due to see the first pneumatic drill within the next two weeks. Not a lot as it turned out, Bexley’s display was more concerned with longer term plans for after the Crossrail terminus is completed, however it did confirm the Wilton Road start date.

In another capacity I attended a Greenwich Council presentation on Wilton Road two weeks ago and their story was different to Bexley’s. Greenwich said that the footpaths in Wilton Road will be made “slightly” wider. When asked what would be the impact on parking spaces the answer was “none at all”. The road would be a bit narrower.

The Bexley representative said today the kerb line would be exactly the same as it is now, but parking would be “new restricted”. When asked what that meant he did not know, but given Bexley’s reputation for fleecing motorists it gives cause for concern.

There is no detail for Wilton Road publicly available two weeks before work is due to commence but the plan is said (†) to include York stone, cycle racks, trees and granite benches. The street drinkers will be delighted.

I was told that copies of the plans displayed in Sainsbury’s are on the yourabbeywood website (password Bexley1617 although it was unrestricted earlier today) but if they are they are well hidden. Photographs of the plans are fine at the full 36 megapixels but at web size are only just readable.

As usual with planning matters, this subject is covered in far more detail and with pictures at fromthemurkydepths.

† Information given to the Traders’ Association by Greenwich Council on 28th September.

Erith Quarry
QuarryI drove along Fraser Road on Thursday and was amazed to see the vast open space of Erith Quarry for the first time. There was an Open Day held there today, probably the sort of thing that will be covered on the Maggot Sandwich in due course.

Meanwhile, there is the brochure to pore over, kindly hand delivered by one of BiB’s very first readers.

Previous BiB Erith Quarry blog.

Fly tipping
Fly tipperThe Coptefield Drive fly tipper returned on Thursday evening and took away most of what he had dumped on the previous Saturday morning. Not all of it, there is still some unwanted junk in the big bins.

Perhaps he is a Bonkers’ reader.

Yellow Box junctions
Yellow BoxA reader told me that Bexley Council is circumventing the law that says that it is OK to enter the box when your exit is clear - and then someone barges in and blocks it - by editing the video so that it doesn’t show the whole junction from the time the box is entered. It starts only when the vehicle is half way across. Typical, and what you would expect from a Council hell bent on making money.

Danson Lane, Welling Yellow Box junction.


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