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Bonkers Blog October 2016

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11 October (Part 1) - Gill Steward. Skilled in the art of trivia management

Barrier Reserved seatsSo what was the effect of the Bexley Buffoon’s review of meetings aimed at giving Councillors the opportunity to take an active part in their meetings? There was more to it than the arbitrary removal of the Press Desk from the vast empty spaces that you see in Photo 1.

If she had really wanted to ensure Councillors participate fully in meetings the Buffoon could have done worse than suggest that Chairmen allow a debate on the subjects listed in the Agenda. Last night we were treated to the spectacle of a Chairman calling for a vote on subjects that had not been mentioned at all, but more of that anon.

As you can see from the two photos we now not only have a trip hazard to contend with someone has gone to the expense of providing laminated notices on a handful of chairs.

The Agenda did indeed give guidance “on the new arrangements” as promised by the Buffoon. However it was wrong on all counts. The Councillors’ desks were not laid out as shown and the areas reserved for members of the public were not as described by the diagram.

More subtle is the change of wording on the front of the Agenda packs. This is how it used to be…
And this is how it has been since the Buffoon’s recent review.
Note the difference. The Buffoon thinks she can stop the public filming or otherwise recording Council meetings if a Junior Officer might be present. How does that work in practice? Does it mean no more group photos? Am I to turn off my recorder the moment a Junior Officer speaks? Will I recognise a Junior Officer when I see one? Will the Council’s webcasts be halted as and when required?

It must be borderline illegal. The Buffoon has spoken. Bexley takes a further step back in time.


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