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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog October 2016

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Craske saved

8 October - Caught in the act - twice

Fly tipper Fly tipperThe constant fly tipping in the Council bins just across the road from my home has been featured on BiB before. It’s been going on for years and at first I thought it might be a keen DIYer who perhaps wasn’t able to read a rule book written in English, but no one fitted that description. The immigrants in the road are for the most part better neighbours than their English couterparts.

Gradually it has become more obvious what is going on. A rogue builder has dumped two vans in a private parking space and uses them as a storage facility. They have not moved for years. Photo 3 shows that the fence was painted around them a long to me ago.

While I was busy in my garage last Thursday afternoon I became aware of a commotion behind the flats opposite. Shortly afterwards one of the residents there showed me a video he had taken of someone filling the bins with builders’ rubble. He said he was going to send it to the land management company. I suggested he send it to Bexley Council as the bins are theirs even though they are sited on private land.

I gave the neighbour Stephen Didsbury’s phone number. Mr. Didsbury is Bexley’s Head of Waste and Public Protection. He phoned him but with no response so far but it is early days.

This morning while working in the garage again I heard the same commotion so took the photos you see below from a safe distance. Click for the larger view. I was not seen.
Fly tipper Fly tipper Fly tipper Fly tipper
Quite clearly, someone had forced open the bins and was chucking all sorts of rubbish into them while carefully scrutising each piece, for tell tale ID presumably.

Maybe there is enough evidence for Cabinet Member Peter Craske to do his thing and organise a prosecution. He seems to like appearing in the News Shopper claiming another fly tipping conviction.


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