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Bonkers Blog October 2016

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1 October (Part 2) - Bah Steward

It’s six weeks since I asked the Chief Executive if there was any reason for the writing desk to be withdrawn from Council meetings, but Gill Steward has not had the decency to reply.

A Freedom of Information request revealed that only one resident was informed of the change and although his name was redacted it is not difficult to work out who that was.

Before referring the situation to the local Government Ombudsman I emailed the following. Last time anything was emailed to me from Bexley Council it was sent to a non-existent email address but I have taken the precaution of making it active. It is possible that the Buffoon has invented another invalid email address but my suspicion is that she is unable to answer the questions.

Dear Ms. Steward,
As six weeks have gone by since I wrote to you seeking information about your perverse decision to abandon the long established provision of a writing table at Bexley Council meetings I am going to assume that you have no intention of replying. I do not find it particularly surprising that the Common Sense advocated in government guidance is not to be found in your office.
A Freedom of Information request has revealed that your policy change was directed at one resident only. Maybe I should feel privileged to be singled out for special treatment but I would have thought that someone in your position might display a little more intelligence and understanding of the likely consequences.
I shall refer the situation you have created to the Local Government Ombudsman to seek their opinion on your petty mindedness.
Yours sincerely,

The probability is that the Chief Executive is under orders from the Fat Controller. It's the way she operates, keeps her head down low while others get the flak and find their idiocies at the top of every Google search.

Crafty she may be but at least we have the evidence that Teresa O’Neill is happy to see thieves elected. Leader for now but for how much longer?


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