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Bonkers Blog November 2016

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24 November - It’s all rubbish

IncineratorAt the beginning of September BiB reported that Cory Environmental wanted to increase the amount of rubbish delivered to their incinerator by road. Most comes by boat along the Thames (660,000 tonnes) but the company was likely to lose the use of a wharf in Tower Hamlets and needs to make up the shortfall somehow.

The figures sound big, 85,000 tonnes come by road now and they would like to shift 195,000 tonnes a year. The man from Cory had said that equates to another dozen deliveries every day.

A couple of residents kicked up one hell of a stink about the company’s requirement which I thought was irrational. Another twelve vehicles a day into the Belvedere Industrial area is rather less than the number of extra buses going there after the frequency of route 180 was increased very recently - and that was welcomed.

The issue came before the Planning Committee two weeks ago. I wasn’t there but the News Shopper reported that Councillors kicked up a big stink too with Councillor David Leaf taking the lead.

The number of trucks heading for the incinerator appears to have increased from a dozen to 56 which is perhaps verging on the significant. On the other hand if the incinerator had been built a mile or so to the east and Dartford was in charge, the 56 lorries would cut across the borough’s roads with Bexley not being able to do a thing about it.

Maybe Bexley’s Councillors should decide if they want the borough to grow or not. How many lorries will the Ocado warehouse bring on to our roads?

The Ocado plan agreed by Bexley Council includes 1,377 car parking spaces, 380 for vans and a total of 116 for trailers, tractor units and miscellaneous HGVs. All heartily welcomed by Bexley Council, but fifty trucks full of rubbish to be burned for power generation? It’s headless chicken time again.

The Planning Committee deferred their decision.


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