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Bonkers Blog November 2016

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22 November (Part 1) - Who’s the real tosser?

Bexley Council is pushing on with its litter fines, £64,000 in the bag already, so it's not going to stop in a hurry.

Tosser TosserThere is a new Press Release out today and a new poster. Can you spot the difference?

The first version ran foul of the Coca Cola company by portraying their can in their colours. Both are trademarked and copyright.

I didn’t report Bexley Council to Coca Cola’s legal department - far too busy - but a BiB reader did.

If anyone can suggest why tossing an apple core into a hedge to rot or be eaten by a blackbird is a bigger offence than dog fouling and giving a child a dose of Toxocariasis I'd like to be informed. Maybe the Tosser in charge knows?

We seem to have moved on a long way since 2011 when a Councillor used the word Tosser in the Council Chamber. In 2013 it was revealed that a complaint against him was the only one upheld against any Councillor in the previous three years. Tosser was judged to be far too rude a word to be directed at a Councillor - but residents are fair game.

Click an image for its full size counterpart.

Note: The link provided in the Council’s Press Release doesn’t work. It should of course be not Plonkers! No, Tossers!


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