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Bonkers Blog November 2016

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20 November (Part 2) - Bexley Council. Blind and deaf. Definitely dumb

Bexley Council is just a waste of space. They go on about the public being their ears and eyes but it’s all BS.
Fly tipperI spoke to Steve Didsbury, Bexley’s top man for recycling, on 11th October about regular fly tipping close to my home and the deliberate contamination of various large communal Council bins with builder’s rubble. He asked me to send the photos and asked if I would be a witness if he could bring a prosecution. I told him I would be happy to do so.

Since then; not a word.

Also on 11th October a neighbour who had video of the same incident and others drove over to Footscray to deliver the files personally to Steve Didsbury. Similar conversation, same result.

It isn’t special treatment meted out only to me, although being taken off the Bexley Magazine distribution list may be.

The following reader’s email tells the same old story. We may be Bexley Council’s eyes and ears but when they are both blind and deaf and totally incompetent it is a waste of everyone’s time. I doubt I will be risking a bashing to photograph fly tippers in the act again.

CarRe your item on BiB today about reporting unlit street lamps. I made an on line report via the Council’s ‘portal’ on 29 October that the street lamp outside my house was not lit. My message was acknowledged but the lamp remains unlit.

On 7 October I reported on line that my rubbish box lid was missing. Again acknowledged but no replacement yet received. Re the abandoned badly damaged car which I reported to Council on 23rd August (I sent you a photo which you published). A warning notice to owner dated 13 October was eventually placed on the car to the effect that the Council would remove it if the owner did not do so within seven days. Needless to say, the car, well over a month later, is still in situ. Nine months now altogether.

Why are we asked to act as the Council’s “Eyes and ears” if they don’t act on the info?

It will be for the same reason we are asked to participate in consultations which are without exception ignored. It looks good at the superficial level and doesn’t cost too much.


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