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Bonkers Blog November 2016

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18 November (Part 1) - Lights out in Bexley

Bexley Council is keeping BiB’s new Index of Press Releases busy, they have issued another one today.

It says that the Council will only accept reports of failed street lights online in future. This is going down the path adopted by Newham Council which has left my 96 year old aunt without Council services. She can’t get the full range of rubbish collection services, she can’t order parking permits and until recently when they agreed to set up a direct debit she couldn’t pay for the Emergency Link service.

It’s no good telling her to go to the library or get a friend to go on line for her, the only friend she has left doesn’t have a computer either. Councils pretend to care but some don’t. Bexley appears to be joining that club.
Press Release
Those of you reading this will of course have net access and probably will be able to report street light failures without too much trouble but putting parking services wholly on line is massively inconvenient.

When I come home and find someone parked across my drive it means leaving the car in the middle of the road while I come in to use the computer. I am far from being alone in not having net access away from home.

Bexley Council: Working for you. Dream on.

Click image above for Press Release (PDF)

Note: I have had to install broadband at my aunt’s address and buy a laptop PC to keep there to get around the many restrictions. There is no telephone access to any Newham Council service.


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