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Bonkers Blog November 2016

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14 November - The gravy train returns to Bexley

The reductions to Bexley’s payroll would appear to have come to a halt, for the highest earners anyway and since the new Chief Executive took over in May.

Her staff job reorganisation which was made public last month cost taxpayers an extra £70,000 a year and now comes news that she has created the new post of Planning and Development Adviser.

KielyThe job has been filled by Mike Kiely, late of Croydon, who was on more than £100,000 a year while there.

His departure was wrapped in mystery. He was deeply unpopular locally for allegedly allowing Croydon Council’s new offices to run up a bill some £100 million more than had been expected. Seems excessive but that is what was reported in Croydon.

He left Croydon “to seek new challenges” - always an ominous sign - and Croydon Council kept his departure a deadly secret. Possibly they were ashamed of his achievements and glad to see the back of him.

Why on earth Bexley needs to employ him goodness only knows. Bexley’s Cabinet is constantly telling us how successful and financially beneficial its regeneration in the north has been. Why does it need another adviser at such a high salary?

A lot more background news is at Inside Croydon.

Note: This story has not been leaked by a Labour Councillor.


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