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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog November 2016

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Old Farm

13 November (Part 2) - Every picture tells a story

On Thursday I apologised for ruining the Mayor’s big day in Bexley. The presence of three members of the public at the bridge opening to which everyone had been invited sent the Mayor and Council Leader Teresa O’Neill scurrying indoors.

How is it that three old men whose average age is closer to 80 than 70 can change the course of civic history? Whatever is it that Bexley’s leaders are afraid of? Maybe this picture sent to me by someone standing much closer to the glum pair than I did tells its own story of despair.
The sender’s name must remain anonymous of course which brings me to another subject. It has again been suggested that BiB is supported by the local Labour party. Their question is, where else does all the news come from if I am not in league with the local Labour party?

I do wonder myself because almost none of it comes from Labour Councillors. Mainly it’s from readers and from keeping in touch with whoever I can. There are no regular contacts with Councillors of any hue and news as you must have noticed sometimes dries up.

Having given the question some thought I came up with only one subject which might link back to a single Councillor. The tip led to the revelation that the Leader has her own private park behind her house; but there the trail goes cold. Nothing!

When I wrote to all the Councillor witnesses (apart from the two Bacons) asking for their support when Councillor Cheryl Bacon lied big time about me misbehaving at a Scrutiny meeting in June 2013, ten replied and only three were Labour - if I include Danny Hackett who wasn’t a Councillor at the time. No one supported Cheryl which was very helpful.

For the record I have briefly entertained more Conservative elected politicians in my house than Labour ones.


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