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Bonkers Blog November 2016

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9 November - Councillors last in the queue - for cuts!

News Shopper reportCouncil Leader Teresa O’Neill is in bragging mode again. This time it is that she has succeeded in persuading the Boundary Commission that the number of Bexley Councillors should be reduced from 63 to 45. Bexley Council has issued another of their Press Releases. The Commission’s website has all the details.

The object of the exercise is to save money from, if all goes according to plan, May 2018.

A good idea you might think, but why are Councillors' Allowances the last thing to be cut?

The press cutting seen here is from an edition of the News Shopper published on 27th October 2010. Reducing the number of Councillors was under consideration way back then, it just wasn’t a priority. Obviously.


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