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Bonkers Blog November 2016

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7 November - Six little ones

This is going to be another of those days when real life things get in the way of keeping BiB boiling, but let’s keep it ticking over anyway.

Abbey Wood Village
Abbey Wood VillageThis should have been mentioned a week ago and probably everyone interested will know by now, however the Abbey Wood Village website is now live. It is part of the regenerations scheme funded by the GLA, the two councils and a 10% contribution from the traders.

As you can see the village sign will soon be revealed to complement all the fancy new shop facias.

In the New Year the road will be transformed with new paving, trees, litter bins and benches. You won’t recognise the old place.

Bexley Village
On the other side of the borough the Cray bridge in Bexley which was brought into use on 24th May will be officially opened by Mayor Eileen Pallen at 10:30 next Thursday morning. Free tea from the Council’s Thermos flask apparently. Not sure I will be able to get there so any photos would be appreciated. Is Elwyn listening?

IronyProbably it is just me, but my irony alarm went off loudly this morning.

Bexley Conservatives had Tweeted one of their anti-Labour stories. It was directed at party Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Councillor Gareth Bacon said he was pathetic and if media reports are correct I would not disagree.

It would appear that a journalist asked Mr. Corbyn a straight forward question about the possibility of an early General Election. He accused the reporter of harassment.

It is a reasonable line of political attack from Bexley Conservatives if the story really is as reported, but it also confirms they are a bunch of irrational hypocrites.

TweetWhen a Labour Councillor became too inquisitive about where the two Masseys really lived they got their revenge by reporting him to the Code of Conduct Committee.

When I did much the same thing they reported me to the police for harassment and Sharon Massey has been raising the subject at Council meetings and on Facebook ever since.

According to Bexley Conservatives, the Labour leader wittering on about harassment when a journalist does her job is a very silly thing to do, and probably it is.

However two Bexley Conservatives at the very least think it merits a trip to the police station requesting an arrest and a charge of harassment when their address and the use it is put to is questioned and that it is entirely justified. Now that truly is pathetic.

More parking restrictions
Every few months, when Bexley Council thinks you may have forgotten the last time, they slip in a few more restrictions on parking.

The proposed further erosion to spaces is relatively minor but takes away some residents’ parking bays near to both Welling and Abbey Wood stations. I can only guess what it is like in Welling but Abbey Wood has lost huge numbers of parking spaces in the last couple of years. Maybe as many of two thirds of them thanks to Crossrail construction and it doesn’t look like they are coming back.

At certain times of the day roads around Abbey Wood station are utter chaos and gridlock frequently ensues.

Special needs children
Bexley Council has today issued another of it Press Releases. if there are SEN children in your family you should probably take a look at it.

Crossrail goes into reverse mode
If you are one of the readers who regularly keeps an eye on Crossrail developments via the Index to the thousands of photos now available, then I should advise you of some changes.

Such people might be forced to scroll through well over 100 pictures before they can see the new ones, so the option of reverse sorting has been introduced.

The plan is that photo features which are still in development with new pictures daily, will default to most recent at the top. Older features will be in chronological order, but both have the alternative as an option. Any complaints or suggestions to the usual place.


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