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Bonkers Blog November 2016

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5 November (Part 2) - Bexonomics

Sainsbury's No changeTraipsing around supermarkets is not my idea of fun, especially early in the morning in the local Sainsbury’s when they seem to be reluctant to take your money. I usually use the self-service tills but that’s not so easy when picking up a newspaper with a pre-paid token. I won’t mention the weekly Stannah travelator failure.

But at least the self-service tills give change. Would anyone tolerate a supermarket that didn’t? So why do we accept it from local Councils just because most of them are run by crooks? Who was it who first decided that not offering change was a reasonable thing to do?

A Freedom of Information request reveals that Bexley Council has never operated a machine that gives change as you would expect from a Council that has a criminal mindset.

The same FOI also shows how Bexley Council believes in killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

The natural growth in the economy and car ownership should see a steady increase in car parking revenue but it hasn’t gone that way in Bexley.

The Council took £1,275,925.17 in 2009/10 and before Councillor Craske got greedy it rose to £1,508,170.80 by 2011/12. However his price increases knocked it back to £1,310,645.47 in 2014/15. Where do these odd seven pences come from?

The official inflation calculator says that the equivalent of £1,275,925.17 in 2010 would be £1,528583 in 2015 so the revenue then was worth a lot less than it was before the price increases kicked in.

Fortunately increased car park usage took the revenue up to £1,427,646.38 in the year ending last April, still £120,000 behind the inflated 2010 value. I wonder how much of that came from renting the whole of the Felixstowe Road car park to Network Rail?

But what did Bexley Council do as soon as it saw the revenue on the rise again? It whacked up car parking charges by various rates between 10 and 50%. Will history be repeating itself?


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