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Bonkers Blog November 2016

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4 November (Part 2) - Be sure your sins will find you out

The day began with an exposé of Bexley Conservative’s lying activities. Those who follow Twitter may have seen the confirmation from an honest Bexley Conservative Councillor that my blog account is correct. He confirmed that I was the only member of the public present and didn’t utter a word. There could therefore not have been a mob of badly behaving Labour supporters in the public gallery as Bexley Condervatives claimed. When will they learn that liars will be caught out?

In my opinion there are probably almost as many honest Conservatives on Bexley Council as there are liars but their allowances usually prevent them from crawling from the safety of their dug outs.

The accusation of widespread disruption at a Council meeting is reminiscent of the evening three and a half years ago when Councillor Cheryl Bacon was ill advised and closed her meeting to all members of the public despite only one of them causing what she called a disturbance. New documents came to light last week.

Councillor Bacon lied to cover her relatively minor transgression of the law and so began a saga which still rumbles on. Today being Bexley Liars’ Day would seem to be an appropriate one on which to reveal some of the newly released information.

MeThe particular issue revolves around whether six members of the public had to be forcibly ejected from Bacon’s meeting or whether there was no real disturbance except that one had attempted to audio record the meeting contrary to Cheryl Bacon’s wishes.

The Council’s internal memorandum - you may read it here - said only one person was involved and the police said - again it is in writing and to hand - said no one had done anything wrong. It was not necessary for them to take any names or make any formal report.

I have a four page letter from Mr. Alabi, Bexley’s so called Legal Officer, dated 10th February 2014 which is a lie from end to end although it must be said that Alabi was not present at the meeting and could only repeat what the liars had told him.

I am not alone in calling those people liars, all six members of the public who witnessed the events said the same thing. Perhaps more important is that four currently serving Councillors from both political parties also confirmed everything I reported at the time. One Council officer agreed with them too and of the ten witnesses who committed pen to paper, eight made sworn statements to the same effect to the police.

No offenceI hope you will believe that there is ample evidence that any suggestion that there was a serious disturbance or that anyone had to be forcibly ejected from the Council Chamber is entirely false. Every one of those suggestions can be traced back to Councillor Cheryl Bacon because none of her supporters were present when the events took place.

Mr. Alabi said in February 2014 that two police officers agreed with the Council’s version of events. Sadly for him the two police officers had not made any record of the events and had to hastily write one each retrospectively to dig him out of trouble.

It wasn’t only the two police officers who were asked to retrospectively make a report, the unfortunate Council doorman had to as well. I assume his job depended on meek compliance.

The doorman said that the police asked him to request that the members of the public leave the building and that they refused. You can read the formal report here.

The police have recently issued their version of events. It runs to eleven pages and confirms that only one member of the public was involved in any disturbance, not the six named by Bexley Council and mentioned by Mr. Alabi in his letter. It also records that their Chief Inspector, Ian Broadbridge now retired, said that both officers confirmed what the doorman said. The date on which he did so was 17th March 2014 but he may have also done so earlier which may have justified what Mr. Alabi said in his letter.

PublicWith me so far? Two police officers and the doorman all agree with each other absolutely that six members of the public refused the doorman’s request and the police had to eject them. This is not what the police said immediately after the incident.

The new police letter goes on to say everything was “quiet and orderly” which does not sit well with agreeing with the doorman’s statement that the public were ejected by the police. Rather tellingly the letter says that the doorman was asked for a new statement to better support Bexley Council’s version of events but not until 13th May 2014.

However it was still different to the police officers’ statement revealed in the new letter. That makes it totally clear that the police did not ask the public to leave and they did so of their own accord. I remember it well. The police asked what we proposed to do and I said “Go home”.

The eleven page letter says that CI Broadbridge confirmed everyone concerned agreed with each other but when the police officers wrote their accounts they were all different. Liars caught out again.

The question of why six rowdy pensioners would sit around all by themselves waiting for the police to arrest them was not answered. The fact is we sat around waiting only to tell the police why they had been called. As no Council officers were present we felt we owed them an explanation.

So let me update you again because this gets complicated. The doorman says the police ejected us and the police say they didn’t, yet both Bexley Council and Bexley police said there was total agreement between them all. But that was before we got hold of the relevant documents.

However they are all liars, Council and police. The simple fact is that the doorman wasn’t there at all.

You might note that in the photographs shown above and taken on the night in question after the Chamber had been abandoned to six rowdy members of the public who might have wrecked the place, there is no sign of any Council official being present. If one was there would he have allowed photography on a night when recording of all forms had been forbidden?

The photographs were taken by a Councillor who was not a member of the Committee at the time. He knows exactly what went on at that meeting too. He knows that everything that Bexley Council has said about it is a lie.

Everybody must know by now that Bexley Council does nothing but lie.

As a result of Councillor Cheryl Bacon’s decision to lie at least four serving police officers are to be investigated either by the Department of Professional Standards or the IPCC. I’m losing count but when I next see him I will ask Mick Barnbrook.

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