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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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31 May - The EU and the Masseys make things messy

It is probably the fault of the European Union that I have a near insoluble problem with Bexley is Bonkers.

The menus are generated by a proprietary system, it was too time consuming to write the code myself every time the menu needed to be changed, and the company that produced the software was based in Athens.

Remember this from 2011?

I have rather belatedly discovered that the Greek company went bust during last year’s Euro crisis.

That became relevant when I built a new computer a couple of weeks ago and tried to reinstall the software, an operation that requires an activation which had been paid for in advance. Activation codes are not available any more so in theory BiB menus cannot be updated and will require a new menu system. The existing one is so tightly integrated with my own code I have some difficulty in seeing a way forward.

Jeff BootheMaybe Bexley police are in a similar position after allowing themselves to be influenced by Councillor Don Massey. There has been no answer to my request for a copy of his complaint yet. Sooner or later more police officers, probably not a Chief Superintendent this time, will join the names of Bexley Borough Commanders Stringer, Olisa and Ayling, held by the Directorate of Professional Standards in a file labelled Misconduct in a Public Office.

My letter is not alone. The lady who has the misfortune to live next door to the Massey’s rented house has run out of patience after waiting more than six weeks for a copy of the complaint Cabinet Member Don Massey made against her.

She showed me the letter she sent to Chief Superintendent Jeff Boothe. The vindictive arrogance of Don Massey, Cabinet Member for Finance, is going to cost the taxpayer a fortune in wasted police time. Why do coppers risk their reputations by doing favours for politicians?

Note: Fortunately I didn’t immediately dismantle and refurbish my old computer as planned so I can revise menus on it, but it is messy and a recipe for mistakes as may have been noticed when the Massey Index disappeared from the menu for a day or two.


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