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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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26 May - The signs of things to come

Threshers West End StylesThe derelict Threshers off licence in Abbey Wood, just a minute’s walk from the new Crossrail station went up for sale just six weeks ago. Able Estates right opposite the premises displayed the sale offer prominently in their window. “Offers in excess of £500,000.” For a rat and pigeon infested shell.

Last week the sold notice went up. Mr. Able or whoever runs the outfit opposite must be quite some salesman and Bexley Council is desperate for more accommodation so prepare to see more flats. Hopefully not another Home in Multiple-Occupation. The land next door is now owned by Peabody.

Wilton Road which is to benefit from some money provided by Boris Johnson has been brightened up already - with paint on the footpath from one end to the other.

This is a precursor to Greenwich Council’s HILLS project via which their apprentices will test their skills on road, or rather footpath, building. A budget of £250,000 has been put in place. It’s fortunate that one local council has recognised that small localities should not be allowed to fall into total disrepair. The job is scheduled to start well before the new station is completed in October 2017.

The shop improvement scheme is still crawling through council bureaucracy and no one is likely to see a man with a tool box until mid-July at the earliest. One lady who did not like the plans made for her hair styling establishment decided to go it alone and very smart the premises look too when closed. When closed only because behind the shutter the work is not yet complete.

One must applaud such independently minded people who get on with the job, showing how independence is always preferable to central control.
Footpath marks Footpath marks


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