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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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25 May (Part 1) - NU61 YML and CP57 MKF

Parking ParkingBefore returning to more serious stuff (Judicial Reviews) a final word on yesterday’s parking issues.

Did you notice that the UK Power Networks’ barriers in Fendyke Road were placed so as to protect the public from both the hole and passing traffic and at St. Augustine’s Road Bexley Council had allowed the barriers to put pedestrians in the maximum possible danger?

Typical Bexley Council but all was not well in Fendyke Road either this morning. Someone had taken it upon themselves to park on the footpath and force pedestrians into the road.

Bexley’s parking controls are frequently well designed traps for the unwary but some motorists definitely take the pee.

Close to home there is a blind corner and the frequent scene of near misses. It is made worse by those who insist on parking on the corner forcing traffic on to the wrong side of a narrow road.

Obstructing the traffic is (used to be?) a police matter but since Chris Molnar was promoted you never see or hear of the police in these parts. Too busy taking instructions from local politicians presumably.

I did once see a car ticketed on that corner because it was overhanging a dropped kerb - as the brown Nissan is too.

You can’t easily phone the parking office about such things any more because Bexley Council decided that another good way of fleecing the public was to make the number a premium rate call. It now appears to be abandoned in favour of a web form and only those willing to give Bexley Council their email address may use it. Really convenient.


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