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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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21 May (Part 2) - A tribute to Olly Cromwell

I suppose that headline should be explained to newer readers.

In 2011 a blogger going by the name of Olly Cromwell (a.k.a. John Kerlen) put a picture of an anonymous house on Twitter with the comment “What sort of **** lives in a house like this“. The owner of the house who was a Conservative Councillor didn’t see it but was tipped off about it. He complained to the police about the unseen Tweet and they charged the author with harassment who ended up in Bexley Magistrates Court. The CPS produced no evidence and the harassment charge was dropped.

Bexley Council and their police friends are nothing if not vindictive so they embroidered the words in the Tweet and went back to court because of the rude word and what they maliciously added to it.

I think there were seven court appearances for that second stage of the proceedings where the Councillor and the police lied on oath. Fortunately the final judge saw through it all and said the rude word was not “grossly offensive” anyway.

TweetGiven the Twitter origins of those expensive court appearances I was both surprised and amused to see this very similar Tweet (click image) from North End Labour. Someone there has a magnificent sense of humour and irony.

Their Tweet differs from Olly Cromwell’s in that it provides a house number, not that that identifies the property; how many tens of thousands of number thirty sevens are there in the country?

It doesn’t contain the rude four letter word either. On the other hand I know it to be the house rented by Councillors Don and Sharon Massey. When I pictured “their house” I chickened out and showed only a similar house.

Do you think North End Labour will now get a visit from the cops? Olly Cromwell did for his efforts and so have I.

When you are dealing with organisations as corrupt as Bexley Council and the Metropolitan Police (I have seen their written admission that they are) it’s probably best not to speculate about the reasons.

Click the image to see what North End Labour said.


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