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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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21 May (Part 1) - Weekend miscellany

The old weekend standby of what is going on in Lesnes Abbey Park and on the railway line at Abbey Wood is a bit of a let down. Nothing discernible has happened in the park and it has been pretty quiet at the station today despite the inconvenience of a Replacement Bus Service.

Meanwhile the parking restriction notices get ever sillier.

Parking restrictions - Confusing and unnecessary
Parking ParkingThe week long parking restrictions in Fendyke Road, Belvedere, proved to be every bit as stupid as expected. A hole never was dug on the site of the parking bays, in fact there never was a hole in the road anywhere. For a few days there was a small hole in someone’s drive following a building extension and an excess of plastic barriers were stored in the road, but not in or even adjacent to the parking bays.

In the expanded version of Photo 1 (click it) you can just see the yellow restriction sign in the distance. There is no new tarmac anywhere.

However that didn’t stop Bexley Council ticketing cars that it considered not to be in the undefined Bay 1 out of three. (Local resident’s report.)

In place of the old warning sign a new one has appeared every bit as confusing as the original.

It says “23/05/2016. 29/05/2016. Bays O/S 15 Florence Road Bays in Fendyke Road UKPowerNet. No Parking at any time.”
It took me a little while to work out what it meant. Florence Road is the road around the the nearby corner and O/S must mean outside.

Not exactly a model of clarity but probably that is the intention.

Bexley bridge
Bexley BexleyThe complaint from Bexley this week was not that the bridge is still half closed but the fact the car park is much the same. Blocked and wrecked by contractors vehicles. I should be able to get some pictures of the bridge works next Thursday. Those shown here are not mine.

Lesnes Abbey, full stop
I do like the look off much of the new Lesnes Abbey Park but as was the case last weekend I can’t see much sign of progress. But they did cut the grass, not on the Vistor Centre roof. On the ground where it should be.
Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes
The Visitor Centre (Photo 3 above) is still a mess and the Dipping Platform (Photo 4) has not progressed in at least two months.

No trains and little activity at Abbey Wood
Crossrail CrossrailIt was a disappointingly unexciting day at the Abbey Wood Crossrail site which was good because it allowed me to attend to other things.

Some concrete was pumped across the Dartford bound track and some big lumps of steel lifted into position where one of the Crossrail tracks will hit the buffers. Perhaps they are there to ensure it is strong enough. Pictures of recent work.

The quiet patch with little to report is likely to continue, I doubt I will attend more than two Council Committee meetings between now and the end of June. Thank goodness for the Masseys.


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