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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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18 May (Part 2) - Officially gone

PollardSo the old news is now official, Joe Pollard has been expunged from the list of Bexley Councillors and there is to be a by-election on 30th June.

I don’t know much about Joe Pollard, The Tory contingent with barely a handful of exceptions prefers to remain aloof and generally unfiendly - or even downright rude, but when chairing meetings Joe Pollard always treated members of the public with respect. Many don’t.

It seems odd to me that a Council constantly pleading poverty would choose to have an election just a week after the European Referendum. You would think they’d want the economies of scale that comes from running two together. There must be an ulterior motive somewhere.

Probably all the retired gentry that make up the bulk of the local Conservative Group will be out canvassing every day while those in other parties who have to earn a living will be restricted in what they can do.

UKIP did pretty well in St. Michael’s ward two years ago and Chris Beazley has undoubtedly made far more of a splash since then than Councillor Newton who attends Council meetings but contributes nothing.


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