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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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17 May - Dividing the spoils

There is to be a Council meeting tomorrow evening. Nothing exciting, no questions allowed, it is just the Annual General Meeting which sets out which plum job is to be done by whom for the next twelve months. It’s an indication of who has not blotted their copybook too badly with their esteemed Leader, likely once again to be Teresa O’Neill if the gossip machine is in proper working order.

Speaking of machines in proper working order, a box of computer bits was delivered to me last Wednesday and this evening it is finally more or less a fully working PC. It takes a couple of hours to bolt it all together and install Windows 10 and then days on end to install all the software and configure everything to one’s liking. In between the normal household chores of course.

Council news has been in short supply over the past week which has been a blessing because some of the blogs had to be cobbled together using two crippled computers. One was doing the graphics, another the page layout and a flawed software update crashed the ftp facilities on both. All is well now - I hope.


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