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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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16 May - To Bexley Council openness is an anathema

It is seven weeks since the Maxine Fothergill business was last mentioned here. Time flies!

Councillor Fothergill has apparently not appealed against being found guilty of conferring financial advantages on herself, certainly there has been no appeal hearing.

Bexley Council went into extreme secrecy mode on this case as well they might, persistent enquiries revealed that there was no complaint against Councillor Fothergill, at least not a valid one under the Localism Act that would justify convening the Code of Conduct Committee. The complaint was not in writing.

CEOI understand that it has taken five emails over three months to establish that fact and a resident trying to get at the truth has in mind seeking a Judicial Review to establish whether or not Bexley Council is free to vary the Localism Act - by accepting a complaint not in writing - if it is so inclined. Obviously the complainant would like to have all his questions answered before making a judgment on whether or not to take that step.

He is up against Bexley’s Acting Chief Executive who is determined not to have his Council judged and has done what Bexley Council always does when boxed into a corner. He has asked the complainant to “refrain from submitting further correspondence” to avoid being declared vexatious and thereby having his enquiries ignored.

The scoundrels have a whole armament of dirty tricks placed at their disposal by successive governments which have failed to see that Local Government is both incompetent and corrupt. Few more so than Bexley.


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