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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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14 May - Typical Bexley

Two weeks have gone by since the last report on Lesnes Abbey and one has to look hard for signs of progress.

The path to the pond dipping platform is nearing completion but the platform itself is no different to when it was installed last month. Neither is the five way junction of paths in the centre of the park which appears to be awaiting a decorative insert.

There has been progress on the roof of the visitor centre which was due to open last January or next month dependent on which Council propaganda sheet one believes.

The roof has been covered by grass, twice or three times dependent on which dog walker one listens to.
Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes
Some have been sufficiently concerned about the delays to make enquiries at the Council Offices or with officials who they now recognise on site.

It would appear that no one on Bexley Council had the forethought to build some dates into the contract, they lack management skills and we will be lucky if the park and Visitor Centre is completed by September.

I’m sure it will look nice but who will mow the roof?


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