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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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6 May (Part 1) - Crawling up the greasy pole sniffing out more truffles

For some reason I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in the GLA election and except for the names Goldsmith, Khan, Whittle and Bacon I didn’t have a clue who the candidates were, nor did I care.

All I knew about the foursome was that I heartily disliked Goldsmith and Khan but not as much as I disliked Gareth Bacon who has proved himself, before my own eyes, to be unworthy of any elected position.

However, whatever I think, it was inevitable that Bacon would take the Constituency Assembly seat for Bexley and Bromley. A blue monkey would be elected in Bexley and Bromley and probably it has been - or maybe a pig.

BaconGareth Bacon is only interested in how much money he can take from the public purse which may be necessary if the CPS ever gets around to charging his wife with Misconduct in a Public Office and he has to hire an expensive lawyer.

However, whilst even a thoroughly useless Conservative can be elected here, it didn’t all go Trougher’s way.

In 2012, James Cleverly standing for the same position took 88,482 votes out of a total of 170,875 cast. (52%.)

Yesterday Gareth Bacon gained only 87,460 votes out of 191,502. (46%.) Cleverly went on to be MP for Braintree. I expect Bacon has his eye on the same greasy pole.

There was a 6% swing to Labour on Bacon’s patch but the big winners in Bexley and Bromley appear to be UKIP, 30,485 votes this year and none in 2012. They had no candidate then.


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