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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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1 May - It gets worse

The nail tax that is.

Having spent rather too much time trainspotting in recent days, my investigation into the origins of the nail tax has been over-reliant on others, but a message yesterday sparked a vague recollection of something that happened last March.

Whilst it is normal for the Agenda for a Full Council meeting to refer to a report by the Licensing Committee and accept it without debate, indeed the meeting of 2nd March was no exception…

Extract from Agenda of main Full Council meeting, 2nd March 2016.

…the nail tax proposal was pulled out and included in an Extraordinary Council Meeting held on the same day. Very unusual and no doubt it was through force of habit that the item appeared on the main meeting Agenda too.

The Extraordinary Meeting was necessary because a new Chief Executive was to be appointed but why the Licencing issue was swapped to that meeting I have no idea. Well I have, closing down debate would have been a priority.

It looks to be a blatant attempt to hide the new tax by ‘debating’ it at an obscure extra meeting called for something else entirely.

Not that there was any debate as you can hear in this recording I made of it.

The recording does not reveal the vote but you may be sure that all Tories voted for additional taxation.

No wonder no one knew what was going on. No one I know of attends Licensing Committee meetings and there was no debate in Council. I imagine some of the usual suspects will be attending Licensing Committee meetings in future.

That Extraordinary meeting was a very secretive affair, its main purpose was to formally appoint Gill Steward as the Bexley’s new Chief Executive. The public was not allowed to know anything about her. A vote approved the throwing out of the public if anything was said about her.

Fortunately that doesn’t matter. Everything you need to know about Gill Steward is here.

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