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Bonkers Blog March 2016

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16 March - Nothing but complaints

You may have noticed that there has been nothing very significant on BiB for more than a week. First there was that Britelite window installation which went very well but resulted in the tedious chore of curtain fittings being changed and the alarm sensors being refitted. Then the cough and cold which everyone seems to have came and got me. BiB ought to be put on the back burner while I attempt to catch up on the things that have been neglected in recent years. Not sure if that will ever happen, but it should and I am going to try.

However while I have been opting out to some extent, it hasn’t put an end to correspondence, mainly complaints as usual.

With Bexley taking a certain amount of pride in being the most expensive Council with its charges for removal of large unwanted items and cutting the street cleaning schedules it comes as no surprise that flytipping is a major problem in the borough.

A report last week said that the footpath behind Elstree Gardens, Belvedere, was particularly badly affected but by the time I got there, whilst it was far from being clear of litter, it was not exceptionally bad by Bexley’s dismal standards. Just a couple of sacks beneath the sign promising offenders 12 months imprisonment.

There are places nearby which are regular flytipping hotspots. Gayton Road Car Park is a favourite and a newer one is Gayton Road itself.
Flytipping Flytipping Flytipping Flytipping
There used to be a semi-permanent dump outside the Abbey Arms but a combination of the landlady and Councillor activity (Danny Hackett’s) put an end to it. However a new pile was started on the other side of the road. It grew and grew for four weeks and then it was gone - but a new one took its place a day or two later.

Photos 3 and 4 were taken two days apart. It looks like commercial waste to me. It surely cannot be impossible for Bexley Council to trace the source.

Road works
Disruption to traffic is never popular especially when it is done with no regard for motorists, pedestrians, or in the following case, bus passengers.

A report from Thamesmead said that FM Conway was using a bus stop as a lorry park making passengers walk a long way to the next one for no good reason, and it turned out to be true.

The bus stop was occupied, maybe temporarily, by a parked lorry when there is a perfectly good car park not fifty feet away. The bus lay-by has also been used as a dump for broken paving stones which could very easily have been put on the very wide footpath.
Yarnton Way Yarnton Way Yarnton Way Yarnton Way

Residents’ Parking
In most places in Bexley a residents’ Parking Permit costs £100 a year. It went up by that amount because when Councillor Peter Craske cooked the books four years ago; he claimed that every permit was costing £240 a year to issue. It wasn’t true than and it certainly isn’t true now because permits have been abolished. It is all done electronically now. The CEO punches the registration number into his box of tricks and it reports whether of not the fee has been paid and by whom and from where.

In Abbey Road, not far from Abbey Wood station, Bexley Council handed over half the residents’ spaces to Pay & Display, since when residents have found finding a space ever more difficult.

One has taken to parking in an adjacent street but became the victim of over-zealous CEOs. A more sympathetic CEO has said that such ‘wrong street’ parking should be penalised but offered to turn a blind eye.

Parking ZoneParking Zone CEOHowever both roads are in the same AW Zone. It makes no sense to me and it makes none to the lady who has reported it. However, nothing should be surprising about a Council that issues a PCN to lorries queuing to dump track ballast for Crossrail. They refused to waive the fines.

Street Lighting
Harrow ManorwayHarrow ManorwayAnother complaint concerns the continuing lack of street lighting on Harrow Manorway and refers to the danger to unaccompanied women. The claim was that there has been no lighting since the end of December. I don’t think that can be right. It was a month before I got around to getting pictures of the failed lights and I took them on the 19th December.

Bexley Council clearly could not give a damn or they would be chasing whichever authority is responsible for the failure. Elsewhere in the borough, Bexley Council has been wholly responsible for no street lighting and it is now asking what residents think about it.

Another consultation.

It has been said before but perhaps it is worth repeating, Bexley is Bonkers on Facebook is not run by me, there is simply not enough time to do everything and with my full agreement it is run by a volunteer. I rarely engage with the Comments section and whilst I should see the Message notifications when I log in and be responsible for dealing with them, it is never likely to be the primary BiB communications channel.

Today I received an email from Facebook alerting me to an unread Private Message, I had no idea there was one lying there but it exposed my unfortunate neglect of the messaging facility.
Teri Jayne
MessageThe message was from Teri Williams and it said that Bexley Council had labelled hers a ‘Jeremy Kyle’ family. Even I, who almost never sees any television, knows that is a disgraceful insult.

The incident that could have been on Bexley is Bonkers a week ago is today’s front page news in the News Shopper.

Ms. Williams has achieved something that has never been achieved by Mick Barnbrook or Elwyn Bryant or any other complainant I know of, she got a written apology out of Bexley Council.


Click for source document

Teri Williams is lucky to have had her complaint heard by David Hogan, if it been handled by Human Resources Manager Nick Hollier, Teri may have received a warning about referring to trashy morning TV programmes. I was reprimanded by him for using the word ‘lying’ in a complaint about Bexley Council lying.

Well done Teri, and please accept my apology too for not being aware of your message for a whole week. Could have been a week ahead of the News Shopper too!


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