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Bonkers Blog March 2016

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14 March (Part 2) - General sell off

Old FarmTomorrow evening Bexley Council’s General Purposes Committee is due to consider, or quite likely nod through, the sale of four public spaces including Sidcup's Old Farm Park.

The Council leadership appears to be a bit worried about the strength of the public backlash and the grapevine says they have taken legal advice on whether or not their procedures have been watertight.

It’s a strange situation when the well paid Cabinet hands over the final decision on the sale to a small collection of relative nobodies on the General Purposes Committee, but it has already allowed the leadership to suggest the ultimate responsibility is not theirs.

The meeting will not be webcast and is not scheduled to be in the main chamber. The allocated side room known as Public Gallery West, is not very big, perhaps they are not expecting much of a turnout. All the more reason to be there and resist to the last ditch.


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