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Bonkers Blog March 2016

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12 March (Part 1) - Erith. Suddenly there is loadsa money!

Wilton RoadWhile the 20 shops owners in Wilton Road decide how they would like to spend what is left of the £150,000 awarded by the Mayor (†) for its regeneration, Erith has fared rather better. Another £6·9 million was secured by Bexley Council this week.

They aim to improve public spaces, roads, footpaths and cycling facilities and reduce congestion.

It sounds good although reducing congestion is not something one usually sees in the borough. Narrowing roads and restricting junctions is usually their thing.

The Council’s Press Release says that a total of £20 million is being spent in Erith; They don’t say where every part of that comes from, perhaps it includes the cost of changes currently underway in North End Road.

† About two thirds of the £150,000 from Bexley and Greenwich Councils has already been reclaimed by the Councils in fees.


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