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Bonkers Blog March 2016

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10 March - Live in Bexley Village for the quiet life

Bexley Car ParkI passed through Bexley Village yesterday, the place was deserted. Traffic very light and there were few people in evidence except in the pubs which always seem to be busy. I asked Mr. Bryant if he had any recent pictures of the bridge works. He said he had a couple but every time he has been to look at the bridge construction site, that has been deserted too.

He was a little concerned that the car park has been partially taken over by contractors’ vehicles thereby imposing an additional disincentive to visitors and how the surface may be crumbling under the extra load.

Bexley Council published its new weight restriction order for the new bridge yesterday. 7·5 tonnes, same as before. It comes into force on March 28th.

Bexley Car Park Bexley Car Park Bexley Bridge Bexley Bridge
All photographs taken 8th March 2016.


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