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Bonkers Blog March 2016

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9 March - They are generous with other people’s money

The Taxpayers’ Alliance published one of their occasional reports on profligate councils a few days ago. This one was on councillors’ allowances. A rather misleading headline concluded that £700 million had been poured into councillors’ pockets but those who read on further would discover that this was over the past three years

So how does Bexley compare with other boroughs? You can probably look at the figures in a number of ways, calculating averages and means etc. but but I prefer the simpler approach.

264 councils pay councillors a basic rate which is lower than Bexley’s and only 143 pay more. Bexley pays six times as much as the least generous council and more than twice as much as 138 of them.

TPA Briefing Note.
Raw data. (Excel spreadsheet.)


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