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Bonkers Blog March 2016

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6 March (Part 1) - The fortnightly Crossrail update

Crossrail CrossrailAnother fortnight gone, another Crossrail milestone passed at Abbey Wood.

The past two weeks have seen the first train at the new Platform 1, the old London bound track removed and its platform half demolished.

More concrete has been pumped into the new station and its first support columns are now in place.

All of those things appear in the new set of pictures taken in all sorts of weather conditions and through grills and filthy windows.

The railway contractors’ staff have as usual been wonderfully cooperative both with information and putting up with prying lenses. One told me yesterday that the weekend closures will continue through to the summer and probably beyond. I hope he is wrong, there is as yet no confirmation of that on the station. Unfortunately the northern entrance will close on 2nd April. Northerners will have to allow an extra ten minutes to catch their train until the new station opens at the end of next year.


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