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Bonkers Blog March 2016

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3 March (Part 2) - Sucking Wilton Road dry

Drain clearing Greenwich Council called an ‘Abbey Wood and Thamesmead Stakeholder Meeting’ for yesterday evening. They were told that Bexley councillors wouldn’t be able to attend because of their Council meeting clash, but they went ahead anyway.

On the Agenda was the Wilton Road Retail Improvement Project, the Wilton Road Highways Improvement Scheme, and a presentation by Peabody Housing Association.

I have only found one Wilton Road trader who was there and his comments were wholly positive. Elsewhere down the road his colleagues are still less than happy with the fact that a third of the £300,000 improvement award has already gone in various fees and expense claims.

Two of them reported this morning how new shop front designs have been presented to them, one design in more detail than the other, were rejected for various reasons, but the designer has happily accepted the shop owner’s ideas.

One must wonder why they weren’t asked in the first place. It may help explain where that £100k. went.


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